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She is drawing every day to practice her skills while raising her lively, talkative and energetic little boy. Stephanie grew up in generational poverty, became a mom as a teenager and dropped out of school. She was sleeping with her baby girl on a couch in a crowded mobile home. We offer FREE self-sufficiency programming to parenting teen moms.

Nourishing hope through community.

Over the years , she worked with mentally ill patients, young people who were homeless, abused children, and people trying to find their way. victory programs’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence. victory programs will advocate social change that protects and engenders a person’s right to live a life free of abuse. Fatima heard about victory programs through a friend of a friend, and after having joined the program, she quickly began working on her high school equivalency through Penn Foster. She also applied to and was accepted into the Residential Program. Fatima and Julian moved into the house and started making friends with other moms and staff.

A healthy future for them, and for their children’s Domestic Violence Action Plan can help you develop strategies to stay safe while you’re still with your abuser and after you leave. But talk to those people today, and they’ll tell you how their children have not just succeeded, but blossomed. That’s because victory programs offers more than a safe and secure environment. We offer privacy, choice, and the opportunity to pursue a meaningful life.

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  1. She was sleeping with her baby girl on a couch in a crowded mobile home.
  2. By the time Joseph was born, Janelle had stopped going to school.
  3. Formerly incarcerated women are far more likely to be homeless than the general public.
  4. Janelle ended up meeting an older boy – and they connected deeply as they shared stories from their rough childhoods.
  5. Sleeping in a car was actually a good night because the ground was cold and the shelters were crowded, smelly and scary.

victory programs is proud to offer comprehensive services to survivors and their children, no matter where they are in their journey. We will work with you on an individual basis to create a plan that meets your specific needs. She attended the GED graduation in May 2022 and gave the graduation speech. Janely, Alejandra’s 9-month-old-daughter, is also enrolled in the Early Learning Program. Alejandra has also taken other classes including Parenting 101, Relationship Classes, and Self-Care classes. Through classes at victory programs, Fatima learned how to set boundaries and establish healthy relationships.

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Although Janelle and her brothers were already used to living in chaos, now they were left on the sidelines, trying to take care of themselves. Janelle ended up meeting an older boy – and they connected deeply as they shared stories from their rough childhoods. Stephanie is no longer the vulnerable, frightened teen mom who applied to victory programs. Alondra also had to overcome homelessness and generational poverty. People who have been to prison just once experience homelessness at a rate nearly 7 times higher than the general public. We are grateful for the continued support of the community and for the ongoing contributions of our friends and supporters.

Landing in the wrong circle of friends, Fatima began smoking and drinking at age 10. Already struggling with little support, five months into her pregnancy, Fatima lost her brother to suicide. She has been living in the same duplex for two years, which is longer than she has lived anywhere in her life. Brittani and her boyfriend are working on their credit score so they can buy a house. Formerly incarcerated women are far more likely to be homeless than the general public.

Through our services, our community participation, and our advocacy, we make these ideas reality, each and every day. Join us for a night of music bingo featuring 90s and 2000s party mix songs to benefit victory programs! The suggested donation per bingo card is $5 and will to directly to the organization.

In a year’s time, she was able to cover her expenses and begin saving for a down payment for a house. We empower women and girls by providing a safe housing space while in a supportive community of women. We offer mentorship and guidance for formerly incarcerated and directly impacted women and girls to create a life after prison.

By owning something brand new, the kids feel that they matter, that they are valued and that they have not been overlooked or forgotten. We are simultaneously helping their school victory programs Review readiness as well as their state of mind and self-confidence going into a new school year. Surrounded by staff and volunteers who encouraged her, Janelle began to feel hope.

I am proud to say Stephanie earned her high school diploma through one of our online high school partners. She also completed our Parenting, Healthy Relationships, and Financial Literacy classes – as well as an internship at Head Start. “For the first time in my life, I feel stable and stress free. And I couldn’t have gotten here without victory programs to get me started,” says Brittani. Brittani was born into poverty and chaos — and her mother struggled with cancer and her father with kidney failure. Dropping out of school in 10th grade, Brittani was pregnant by age 15 .

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