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Spring ingredients arriving

By Lion Gardner, in Food & Wine

I’ve never seen asparagus looking better than it does right now. The consistent cooler temperatures are perfect. A plant can grow an asparagus spear per day in warmer weather, but the tips become less compact and filled with tiny seeds. The 60 to 70 degree range is ideal. Brandon from Fifer Market in Dewey took […]

New Format for Tasting Tuesday

By Lion Gardner, in Food & Wine

Last week we experimented with a new format on Tasting Tuesday, and it ended up being a lot of fun! Instead of the traditional “appetizer, soup/salad, entree” categories, we simply listed all the items available that night for the tasting and guests were free to choose any three items in whatever order the wished. Some […]

Tasting Tuesday, 3/19

By Lion Gardner, in Food & Wine

Here’s a look at tomorrow’s tasting menu. It’s a bit different from our normal format and Meg is still working on the wine parings, but I think it’s going to be really fun. Instead of app, soup/salad, entree, guests are free to choose any three (or four) items in any order they wish. Each item […]

ProStart update

By Lion Gardner, in Fun Facts

This post is an update to the blog post from earlier this week. Meg and I have spent the last few months as mentors to Cape Henlopen High School students in the ProStart program, which is designed to prepare students for the restaurant and hospitality industry. I mentored the culinary team, and Meg worked with […]

Coming up…

By Lion Gardner, in Entertainment

Last Tuesday night’s tasting menu was loosely based on “Italian” food, which Meg had a fun time pairing wines with. One of the more popular dishes was the chicken ‘cacciatore’ pictured below: The beef cheek with cheddar grits, roasted baby carrots and gremolata was also popular. I love how tender and succulent beef cheeks get […]